Best Practices

Best Practices

Tips and Tricks

Introduce Elhi to your Family and Loved ones

Elhi can be the most useful when we introduce it to our family and loved ones. We need to tell our loved ones about Elhi and its purpose. For starters, we can tell them about its different modes, like "Busy" and "Free".

You can discuss where your Elhi can be placed in the house. It shall be placed such that it's visible to every family member before they enter your work zone. If you do not have a dedicated study or a table, you may need to make a virtual work-zone and discuss it with your house members.

There might be a scenario where you put your Elhi to "Busy" during some important work and someone in the house really needs to speak to you. In such a scenario we would suggest you come up with a secret knock or something like that, to which if you don't reply, you aren't supposed to be disturbed.

In a situation where another house member is working from home especially in the same room, we advise you to keep your Elhis labelled or marked. You can add a small coloured sticker to make sure that other members of the house know which one of you is busy.

Mounting your Elhi

Elhi can be mounted on the wall with a help of a nail or a screw.
Nail/Screw Head Diameter: 3.7mm - 7.6mm.
Nail/Screw Head Thickness (t): <1.5mm.
Nail/Screw Head Distance (From Wall) (d): >=1.5mm.
Please refer to the below image.

Elhi sPresence is advised to be mounted at an optimum height of 1200mm above the floor, as seen in the below image.