ElhiTech | Elhi Smart Presence Getting Started

Getting Started

Step 1

Power the Device

Connect the device to the mains with the adapter provided along with your Elhi sPresence. The device should now start blinking.

Step 2

Pair with Bluetooth

Elhi sPresence works on Wifi but needs Bluetooth for the first time setup. Bluetooth name of your device will start with Elhi followed by the Serial Number. Pair and Connect to your Elhi sPresence Device. You just need to "Pair" Elhi to your computer, so if it goes back to being "Not Connected", you can ignore that and proceed.

Step 3

Open the Application

Open the Elhi Smart Presence application on your computer. You will now be able to see the app in your status bar.

To read about downloading and installing the application go to the below link.

Download & Install

Step 4

Configure the Device

Click on the application icon on the status bar and then click on New Device under the Connect Device Menu. Firstly select the Wifi that you want your Elhi Device to connect to. Then enter the wifi password and the Serial Number of your Device.

Serial Number of your Elhi can be found printed on the device or from the Bluetooth name. Please remember the serial number wouldn't include "EL" or "Elhi".

Step 5

Connect the Device

Wait for a while after you enter the wifi details and serial number. Once the device connects to the wifi, it will stop blinking. (If the light switches off, restart and wait for the device to stop blinking). Press the connect button on your screen and voila the Elhi sPresence will turn "Green".


Elhi is Now Ready

Click on the "Set as Busy" to test your Device. You can change the auto status update options in the Preferences. This device will now be saved and you can easily connect to it next time (You might need to restart your Application to see the saved Device). If you face any issues while connecting your Elhi, please go through the FAQs or contact us at support@elhi.tech