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Working From Home!
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Imagine working at home without any interruptions or those awkward intrusions during the calls.

Meet Elhi! Elhi Smart presence is a status (DND) light that is made especially with "Work From Home" in mind. It connects wirelessly to your computer, so you can place it anywhere in the house. Best of all, it's smart enough to detect when you are on a call. When work is done, life happens!

why Elhi?

Made with You in Mind

Smart Presence

Elhi is a status light that automatically changes colour according to your status in various compatible VC Platforms. You also have an option to manually control Elhi with our premium user friendly software.

Quick Integration

Setup is very easy. Your Elhi will be ready in 5 easy steps. The process is smooth and quick. For more information please refer to the Getting Started Guide.

Wireless and Fast

Elhi is powered by a Multicore Processor and it connects to your Macbook via Wifi. It's wireless, so you can plug it in anywhere in the house.

No Disturbances / Embarrassments

No more oopsies! or sorries! Prevents those awkward and embarrassing moments especially when you are on a call.

Powerful but subtle

Elhi does its job while being subtle. No blinding light indicators, No head biting noises. Its small form factor makes it a perfect addition to your home-office.

Regular Updates

While you are always on your toes to get your work done, we are always on our toes to make your work a little bit easier each day. We are always open to your suggestions.

Try it yourself!

Wanna see how easy and quick it is? Just try it yourself. You can set the status manually or see it change automatically as you enter the call. Manual "Busy Status" always takes precedence!

Set as Busy   Join a Call

Note: Please note that this simulation is for representational purposes only. The original product may look and behave differently.

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Elhi can't wait to meet you!

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Did you Know?

Researchers found that it takes up to 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to a task after being interrupted.

Source: A survey from University of California, Irvine.

Designed for you

Elhi is as Versatile as You!

You can place Elhi on the table or hang it on the wall. It works on wireless so you can put it virtually anywhere in the house. Outside your Study? Of course! Kitchen? Sure! Living Room? Why Not! To read the datasheet of Elhi sPresence Cube, follow the below link.

Specifications & Datasheet

Getting Started

Ready to Setup your Elhi?

Elhi Can be easily set up in few easy steps. It works on Wifi so ensure that your home wifi is powered on. We hope you have downloaded the Elhi Desktop App to start with your setup.

Getting Started Guide

Best Practices

Tips and Tricks

Elhi is the perfect addition to your home-office. We want your experience to be as smooth as possible, thus we have prepared a guide on how to make Elhi a part of your life. How to install Elhi? Where to install it? and more.

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Different Shades of Elhi



Waiting For Status


Download and Install

Our team has worked to make an interface application, that's both light and smooth. The app offers a super user friendly interface and amazing features. For more information on downloading and installing please follow the below links.

For Mac OSX
Comming Soon